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Find the Perfect Rug - Contact us at our rug outlet in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania, for area rugs, floor coverings, and Persian and oriental rugs by name-brand collections, including Karastan, Sphinx, and Nourison.

Rug 101
The purchase of a rug is not an impulse buy. Education is part of the process. What should you look for in a rug? What do all of the terms mean? How should you care for your new rug? In addition to our knowledgeable staff, we offer these links to assist you with your questions. 
             • Caring for your rug 
             • Glossary from 

Ask our friendly and knowledgeable staff to assist you in making the choice with which you will be happy. We feel it is important to be honest with you and we encourage you to have an emotional bond with the carpet you choose because, as with any art, it should make you feel good!



For your convenience, we have listed common questions and their answers:

Should you use a pad under a rug?
A pad will protect the back fibers of the rug and assist in preventing it from sliding.

How can I tell what size to buy?
• The rug should come up to the edge of skirted furniture and under the
  front feet of pieces with exposed legs.
• A rug placed under a dining table should allow 2 feet on all sides to
  accommodate the chairs, so add 4 feet to the length and width of the
• Avoid blocking heating units.
• A wide border of floor should show around the edges of the rug. (Think of  
  it as a frame for your art.)

What fiber is best?
Consider your use and price range.
• Acrylic resists fading, stains, and mildew.
• Cotton is softer than wool, bus less durable.
• Jute is the softest, but fades easily and disintegrates with prolonged
  exposure to moisture.
• Nylon is versatile, durable, and easy to maintain.
• Polypropylene olefin is the most stain–resistant and less expensive than  
  the other fibers.
• Sisal is strong, durable and colorfast.
• Wool is durable and soft and is considered the best.*

*The above characteristics were supplied by Elaine Gaston of Knight Riders 

How do you know a carpet is a quality piece?
Please click on the links above in the Rug 101 section.



Contact us at our rug outlet in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania, for area rugs,
floor coverings, and Persian and oriental rugs by name-brand collections,
including Karastan™, Sphinx™, and Nourison™.
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